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RxSwift has been around since 2015 and widely known among Apple developer community as an efficient open-sourced FRP library. In WWDC 2019 Apple introduced their very own FRP framework, making it possible to utilize the paradigm natively with declarative Swift API. The two frameworks share quite a few similarities in terms of principles and usage, so it can be not too daunting to get your feet wet with Combine if you have already been using RxSwift in your projects.

If you search around the topic, it’s easy to find a cheatsheet

On The Way to The Peak by Dzmitry Kazak

2020 was a real challenge to our iOS team in OneID especially when it comes to productivity. Despite the difficulties, we are proud to say that we have addressed quite a few technical problems and adopted neat solutions to help our app scale and grow steadily alongside demanding business requirements. In this article we would like to present the accomplishments we made so far as a reflection of our work in 2020 — also to motivate more achievements in 2021 going forward.

Plugin Architecture

With the vision of building a super app, our iOS team started out building the revamped VinID app…

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